Friday, 26 July 2013

Property Boundary Markers

I’ve had a number of questions about property boundary markers recently.

Most of those I’ve seen in and around the City of London have been parish boundary markers.  The most common types of these are brass plaques affixed to buildings, typically a little above head height - here are some examples:

St Katherine Cree

St Lawrence Jewry

St Mary Le Strand

St Stephen Coleman Street
St Clement Danes

(The anchor on the St Clement Danes plaque, the Katharine Wheel on the St Katharine Cree one, and the gridiron on the St Lawrence Jewry one, allude to the respective methods by which the nominate saints were martyred; the encircled cockerel on the St Stephen Coleman Street plaque, alludes  to the “La Cokke on the Hoop” brewery that stood on Coleman Street in the fifteenth century). 

At least one that I’m familiar with, though, is in the form of a carved inscription more or less at street level 
Christ Church (and St Sepulchre)
And another is reminiscent of a milestone.
St Clement Danes a St Dunstan in the West

Brass shields bearing coats-of-arms also mark the boundaries of the properties of the livery companies. 
Armorers' and Brasiers' Company

Readers interested in further information are referred to the following web-site:

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