Saturday, 19 October 2013

Come and Find the Lost City of London in our New Home! (Goodbye Blogger, and Hello Wordpress!)

We have migrated! From now on you will find our new blogs (and copies of all the previous ones) over on

This combines - in one place - aspects of our previous website and this blog. In its old incarnation, I had never been terribly happy with our website - the design looked pretty terrible, and it was all on one page, which didn't look terribly professional.

A considerable advantage of using the Wordpress format is that we now have menu tabs across the top for separate pages on our Schedule of Walks and  on our Private Walks, as well as a Home page giving some general information about what we offer and who we are, another separate tab for the published book, a Gallery tab, and the Blog itself. There is also a nice big link to our facebook page on the side.

Still a work in progress, but I'm pleased so far.

The domain name now points towards the same wordpress site. So that's much neater.

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